[ New Identity Logo Development: Prior to switching back to "Europane Bakery + Café", its original name, "Miche Bakery", an alternate name, was considered for the brand new and much more spaceous store at the Montana, Pasadena; Gatemark Design, commissioned by Nakada+Associates, provided these logo design comps, inspired by French bread, Miche. 2008-2009 ]

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Concept is not an easy task, as we begin with a blank canvas, and it involves an exhaustive amount of research. But then, who are we to say that it always takes so much to come up with a logo that eventually becomes an icon?

One of the logos I used to see on a high-rise in Westwood, California, was actually created by the owner of the multi-billion dollar company. The story has it that he, one day, scribbled on a piece of napkin he had, and probably through some adjustments and refinements, it has become THE logo for his company.

As a design studio, the story may sound counterproductive, belittling the importance of the design of a logo. The moral of the story, however, is that there is much more to "branding" than just visual graphics and that a very well designed logo is as good as the people and their services and products themselves...

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