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Palazzo Hotel pool deck signage location plan
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Our goal is to develop a system which is intuitive for the end user and integrated with the overall design of the project. Based on an analysis of each destination, the organization, and the intended navigation methods, we will determine what type of information and signage would be necessary. We will then identify the most ideal locations for the signs to make self-navigation as pleasant and accommodating as possible.

For example, a theme park requires an overall strategy to clearly define the entire site to the visitor, as intended by the client/owner. It begins off-site with guiding the visitors to the appropriate parking areas from the surrounding streets; upon arrival, they require memorable visual references to easily remember where they parked, and how they accessed the main entrance; once inside the park, they may reference their map and look for visual clues in the environment, which may be in the form of building identification, directional signs and directories at strategic decision-point locations. Effective programming is the foundation for a seamless experience from beginning to end.

Wayfinding and Signage: Programming